Celebrating; Pols Potten 30th anniversary Introducing; Gervasoni & Booklaunch

— by woth 09-03-17

Pols Potten celebrates it's 30 year anniversary this year, reason for a party! WOTH Magazine took pictures at this event held in the Amsterdam store. There was more reason to celebrate......

Places & People WOTH at Object Rotterdam

— by woth 19-02-17

Designers presenting work at Object in Rotterdam

Shopping with Woth for mirrors with a degradé effect

— by woth 18-02-17

Shopping for special mirrors in Woth no.3

Landscapes in WOTH Wonderful Things magazine no 3

— by woth 03-02-17

WOTH Things: make-believe Landscapes for Shopping

Visit Object Rotterdam with WOTH Wonderful Things magazine no 3

— by woth 01-02-17

WOTH Treats: half price entrance ticket Object Rotterdam for you and a friend when you bring the article on page 21 of WOTH Wonderful Things magazine number 3.

Interiors in WOTH Wonderful Things No. 3

— by woth 28-01-17

WOTH Places: Interiors in Rotterdam, Münster, Viadana, Leeuwarden and Antwerp.

What WOTH noticed in Cologne

— by woth 24-01-17

We would like to share with you!

WOTH Wonderful Things Headquarters as post office!

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Post office or headquarters? Both!