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WOTH STUDIO is a new creative studio. Reputably their team know the ins and outs of the products, designers and decision-makers fueling the important brands. WOTH creates aspiring content for people loving interior design, leisure, beauty, travel and food.

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Mary Hessing    

    Mary Hessing | editor | art director                Toon Lauwen | publisher | journalist

Mary Hessing heeft een scherpe intuïtie voor de stijl van een tijdschrift, een merk of adverteerder en weet die ook effectief te vertalen naar de markt. Dat commercieel gevoel, ondernemingszin en smaak een aantrekkelijke combinatie zijn, bewijst ze al jaren. Ze is een ondernemende bedenker van formats die communiceren. Als redactie-manager en adjunct-hoofdredacteur gaf ze nieuwe impuls aan de koers van Libelle (2000-’09); strategie en implementatie van o.a. Libelle Zomerweek, Casa Libelle en talloze Libelle specials. Als hoofdredacteur van MTC en Eigen Huis & Interieur (2009-2016) heeft Hessing op een vanzelfsprekende manier een leidende rol genomen in de markt voor interieur- en design. Ze is in staat om nieuwe business op te zetten, een bestaand merk te herpositioneren, sterk op geld te sturen en de mensen in een organisatie te inspireren en verbinden.

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Portfolio of Mary Hessing


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Toon Lauwen has written and co-produced 14 books on architecture and design for publishers like Phaidon, Joost Elffers Books NY, 010 Publishers, Thoth and published three under his own WOTH; ways of thinking label. As a curator he was commissioned by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, MOTI, NAi &c. and exported design exhibitions to the USA, Australia, New Zealand and several European museums and venues.

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Portfolio of Toon Lauwen


Bestseller Design of the 20th century | Identity D66 | exhibit Dutch Design Prague 2004


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WOTH STUDIO | WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine

WHAT ? – Made-to-measure communication for PR, custom publishing, advertising, websites, look-books, books, magazines and branding. WOTH creates everything needed to deliver your brand, shop or product in the most effective manner from start to finish. If we can’t do it ourselves, we’ll connect your concept to the best illustrators, photographers, artists or designers in our network.

WOTH STUDIO delivers WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine as an enticingly new independent magazine on design, architecture, interior design, leisure, beauty, travel and food . The magazine is released in a Dutch and a separate English edition.

Recent projects include:

Book – Designer of the Miraculous – Aart van Asseldonk – 2016

Sometimes the spotlight suddenly finds someone who is turning the design world upside down and rewriting the cultural agenda. Aart van Asseldonk is such a young Turk. His often monumental work refers to artisanal manufacturing processes and to the industrial past of design. His quirky products are of high
quality. This big book provides an overview of the young designer’s impressive production. Allegorie van het Zuiden stands out.
A WOTH production | NL/ENG € 49,95 | Aerial Media Company | ISBN 9789402601404

Book – My Artistic Interiors – Suzanne Loggere 2016

A superb designer of classic chic interiors for more than three decades, Suzanne Loggere is an importer of fabrics, furniture and home accessories, besides being a well-respected interior decorator. Her bubbly, dynamic personality allows her to transform every interior into a balanced and colourful whole. My Artistic Interiors is chock-full of practical knowhow and is – it would be, wouldn’t it – beautifully made.
My Artistic Interiors | ENG € 39,95 | Aerial Media Company | ISBN 9789402601565

Book – Family of Things – Pols Potten 2017

In the 1980s, Amsterdam offered a fantastic range of subcultures. The freedom and disorder of the era inspired Erik Pol, Jan Wolleswinkel and Theo Grootendorst to not only open a shop, but also develop a fanciful label. Thirty years later, Pols Potten is an international brand that continues to reinvent itself.
Family of Things | NL/ENG € 45 | Aerial Media Company | ISBN 9789402602005


Website- consultancy – photograpy – texts – 2017


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email mary.hessing@woth.co  

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