Portfolio Mary Hessing

editor in chief | Eigen huis & interieur | More than classic magazine | 2009 – 2016

Mary Hessing was editor in chief of EH&I and MTC magazine in the periode 2009-2016. Under her supervision Eigen Huis & Interieur was restyled in 2011 by Pentagram New York. Pentagram’s parner Luke Hayman worked together with Hessing and her team on an extensive restyling that covered both the appearence of the magazine as the content.

Luke Hayman known for his work on New York magazine gave the magazine just the contemporary look it deserves and the restyling was rewarded Best Art Direction (Mercur 2012) in Holland and won a prestigieus Ozzy Award in America. (2012)

Cover EH5
cover aangepast2
Urquiola i-pad magazine
Planner cover
Cover 9 page 1
Cover 1
milaan after party
design lectures
KatjaSchuurman2CBirgitSchuurman HarpersBazaarNetherlands2CNovember20151
collectie EH&I | couch | 2014/15
Katja+Schuurman2C+Birgit+Schuurman+ +Harpers+Bazaar+Netherlands2C+November+2015+5
Katja+Schuurman2C+Birgit+Schuurman+ +Harpers+Bazaar+Netherlands2C+November+2015+8
collectie EHI3
collectie EH&I | furniture and accessories collection | 2014/15
redactie alexebenmeijer2
editorial staff | illustration alex eben meijer

Next to the magazine there were some other projects like the free i-Pad magazine that Hessing and her team made in 2014 titled Urquiola by EH&I Live about the lives and work of renowned designer Patricia Urquiola (still in the app store), fair presentations  - Like the award winning pavillion by i29 architects - and an extensive furniture and accessories collection that she created.

EHI 15
EH&I | MTC pavilion by i29 | 2015
EHI 05
EHI 03
EHI 06
special | centraal museum utrecht | 2010

Editor in Chief More Than Classic Magazine | 2009-2016

With the same team Hessing was responsible for EH&I's sister More Than Classic. A beautiful classical modern magazine focusing on interior decorating, art, style and the good things in life. MTC was published 6 times a year and also featured a big pavillion on the anual interior decoration fair.

More Than Classic
MTC cover nr 1 2015
MTCcover No22014
ill Olaf Hayek
with illustrations by Olaf Hayek

Deputy editor in chief – managing editor 2000 – 2009

Started as Managing editor line and brand extensions: responsible for the event Libelle Zomerweek, Libelle books, Marjolein Bastin agenda en licencing, Jan Jans en de Kinderen books an licencing, Libelle home products, Libelle Homewear. Became deputy editor in chief in 2006 taking care of Libelle specials – Libelle Balance magazine – Libelle Bookazine – Libelle Zomerweek.

Libelle 21 e1499726781750
Libelle 75 year anniversary book
Libelle 23 e1499726813854
with lernert & sander, Kessels Kramer,
Libelle 24 e1499726829860
Libelle 25 e1499726876885
and Thonik
Libelle 22 e1499726799238
Libelle funfacts

Special projects

Exhibition Libelle 70 jr anniversary – Glossy + Big exhibition at the Kunsthal Rotterdam

Libelle out of the box. (Libelle 75 year) Book in collaboration with: Lernert & Sander, KesselsKramer, Koeweiden Postma, VBAT, Thonik, Die Twee, NLXL, Balsa, Dennis Koot, Design Academy, Werkplaats Typografie en het Sandberg Instituut.
Casa Libelle (online TV); Libelle’s own Bed & Breakfast in Barcelona. (2007)
Online thriller Deadline: Libelle’s online thriller daily an episode of three minutes (2009)

Bureau voor Interdisciplinaire styling 1991-2000

fashion – design – concepts – project management – production – art direction – fund raising

founder of organisation ‘LE CRI NEÉRLANDAIS’ the group of 6 Dutch fashion designers; Viktor & Rolf, Lucas Ossendrijver, Pascal Gatzen, Marcel Verheijen, and Saskia van Drimmelen, that wanted to conquer the world and did!

Shows in Paris, Belgium, Milano
all photo’s together with Rineke Dijkstra
all artwork together with Jop van Bennekom
all music by Joost van Bellen
Multi media presentation ‘Defilé sans public’ (show on dvd together with Opera designers)


international fashion show with designers like Michael Guerra, Stéphane Barbier, Oscar Süleyman, Ida Gut, Anja Gockel etc.


a photo essay and reflection on dressing up – party culture and fashion in general.

Hessingjanssen 07 e1499726892165
Hessingjanssen 10
Hessingjanssen 09 e1499726906256
illustrations by piet paris
Hessingjanssen 16 e1499726844648
photo's by Jurgen Teller | Paul Huf | Steven Meisel | Cornelie Tollens
Hessingjanssen 12 e1499726922284
Cecil Beaton | Sem Presser | Bart van Leeuwen and many others
Hessingjanssen 13 e1499726941130

WE Europe

international fashion and dance/shows Amsterdam – Belgium – Switzerland
in collaboration with Lidy Mouw, Richard Cameron (Drive-in), Wilma Sommers en Hester Oerlemans (Bar Slecht)