WOTH Tabloid No 21 NL/ENG

—Special edition


Connecting to the BlowUp Art Den Haag outdoor expo (5 —28 May 2023), we've compiled a special WOTH Tabloid N021.
Background stories on the artworks and the international artists, designers and architects: Paul Cournet/Cloud (FR/NL), Steve Messam (UK), RawColor (D/NL), Lambert Kamps (NL), Theo Botschuijver (NL), and Yamuna Forzani (IT/UK/NL). Wonderful things from The Hague and Citydressers studio VOLLAERSZWART that dressed the city in Escherian artwork!

Get your copy for free in a venue around the Binnenhof area while visiting the expo! Or we can send it to you (postage only)

portraits Jan Willem Kaldenbach
photo's Ronald Smits
words Toon Lauwen
editor in chief Mary Hessing 

BlowUp Art Den Haag info via DenHaag.com

AFlatlay tabloidNO21BlowUpPink2
CFlatlay tabloidNO21BlowUpPink3
DFlatlay tabloidNO21BlowUpPink4
Flatlay tabloidNO21BlowUpPink6
BFlatlay tabloidNO21BlowUpPink2
EFlatlay tabloidNO21BlowUpPink5