No20 ENG

lustrum issue N20 is a celebration of light, color and the uplifting qualities of creative thinking.

Our anniversary issue comes filled with luminous radiant designs and gentle lighthearted minds. Featuring an interview with our personal long beloved Jean-Paul Goude and his visionary portfolio of crazy seventies (eighties and nineties) photography of Grace Jones and Chanel Egoiste commercials. Mingled with the tactile work of Sabine Marcelis and the mindful magical lights by Michael Anastassiades! Find more by Studio Stefan Scholten, Iwan Baan, Aric Chen, Aldo Rossi, VanTot, David Derksen, Wang & Söderström and many others.

YES! high five! means five years of optimistic colorful design brought to you by our -ever dedicated- team. 


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