5 interviews | 1 portfolio | 5 interiors | 2 city’s | 5 ateliers | & many many design events

People – Piet Hein Eek, Ralph Nauta (Studio Drift), Sander Wassink, Jobs Smeets (Studio Job), Mae Engelgeer, Bart Hess, Niels Hoebers, Sanne Schuurman, Tijs Gilde, Gert Voorjans, Floris Vos, Robert van Oosterom, Elle Verhagen (Freudenthal/Verhagen), Iwan Baan, Edwin Jacobs, Jaap Biemans alias Coverjunkie, Willem van Roosmalen.
Places – Paris, Ghent, Amsterdam, Turin, The Hague, Design Miami, Einhoven.
Things – portfolio Raw Color, Big Black Kitchen, Blue Velvet, Glimmer Gleem Glow.


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Faster than we thought: No2 is here! This issue turned out to be almost a bigger challenge than the first one. Of course: the format has been largely set. But in the meantime we became largely occupied by a whirlwind of reactions, caused by the launch of WOTH Wonderful Things. Posts were 99,9% positive. And before we knew it we were enjoying all the fantastic comments, almost day and night. Social media boomed with news of the delivery of the first issue and people shared pictures of where exactly they read the magazine. The beach was a good place to enjoy it, only a few weeks ago. On our timeline we particularly followed a heated debate between two friends. The first was a WOTH fan and took a stand for it’s editorial course. The other defended another title I once worked for. The ladies commented on quality and compared the number of interior features vs the need of content and authentic design journalism. The first was tenacious and eventually the second lady gave in and promised to buy a WOTH. It was a kind of revelation to us reading and hearing so many positive thoughts. Starting with the crowdfunding, the campaign to upstart WOTH turned into something of a quest. And yes. We do love print, feel optimistic about content and see the significance in making. That is why you’ll find the works and thoughts of young creative people alongside interviews with some of the acknowledged masters, impressions of London Design Week, Dutch Design Week, Design Miami. The future is in the making! Let’s stick to that.  

— Foreword founding editor
Mary Hessing