The sustainable landscapist

'Please visit the opening of the exams exhibition tonight! You have to meet this new talent I found'. A real master is never solemn, because he always keeps a fresh outlook. Look at Gert Dumbar. He didn't retire to take up gardening, after he left Studio Dumbar that still boasts his name and legacy. Proudly I assume. Aged 77 he is still fostering and mentoring young professionals as a teacher at KABK, the Art school of The Hague. So when Dumbar calls; you better go. Never failing to deliver he should be named honorary consul for creative industries. During their heydays of the 70-10's Studio Dumbar sublimated the talent of creative wildmen like Robert Nakata, Bob van Dijk, Dennis Koot, Joost Rozenkrans, Katherine van der Eerden. Energetically they plowed an amazing visual landscape, coined 'Dutch Design' by Gert Dumbar. While so much of our visual pluriformity has vanished; books, banknotes, post-stamps, logo's: a significant number of Dumbar's milestones are still well fixed in place! Nothing stale about heritage. And YES do visit the opening of KABK; enjoy the young talents and be sure to shake hands with Gert!!!  


Gert Dumbar still going strong.


The NS-Logo, 1967


The poster for Gemeentemuseum Den Haag Mondriaan exhibit, 1971.


Studio Dumbar was responsible for the new Police logo, 1983.