Color is shape, material and space

Compressed Cylinders is a game of lanky tubes that are inflated against the walls of an empty shop window. The space fills with a play of colours. When they deflate, another heap of shapes emerges.

The abstract composition is representative of the art of Raw Color. The purity that Raw Color tries to portray over and over again results in an enigmatic aesthetic that also makes Compressed Cylinders fascinating. A project starts with a fascination for color, which can be expressed in all shapes and sizes; materials, shapes and spatial settings. 

A clear, refined aesthetic is visible in their photography and graphic design. Yet there is no such thing as a recognizable Raw Color signature because it is reinvented for every project. The physical quality of color takes on a different appearance as soon as movement is added to it. Color in an almost tangible form determines the visual power of Raw Color projects, each of which also shows a great sense of styling. The mix of graphic design, textile design and photography makes their work fresh, sometimes ironic, but always very attractive to see and experience. These qualities not only attract the attention of museums. but also from brands such as Adidas, Samsung, Hermès and Nanimarquina.

230504 Raw Color 2 v2 kopie
230504 Raw Color 3 kopie

Raw Color 'Compressed Cylinders' on the shell path along the Lange Vijverberg

BlowUp Art Den Haag
5—28 May

Stroll past giant-colored inflatable art around the Binnenhof: the Berlage Kiosk, The Passage, the Hofvijver, the side wall of the Koninklijke Schouwburg and the exit of the parking garage at Tournooiveld.

BlowUp Art Den Haag is a production of BinnenhofBuiten, a project of The Hague & Partners. BinnenhofBuiten organizes events and activities during the renovation of the Binnenhof. BlowUp Art Den Haag is curated by Mary Hessing. 

Various work by interdisciplinair studio Raw Color