TRIBUTE Dick Dankers


As of today's memorial service, let us pause to remember Dick.

Around 1993, Dick Dankers and Cok de Rooy stopped by Dutch Form. They were warmly welcomed by Marjan Unger to help think about an exhibition in the new wing of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, where young designers were making their debut. Except for a cultural platform (which would be created by Droog Design), The Frozen Fountain also created opportunities for Tejo Remy, Henk Stallinga, Piet Hein Eek, René Knip and Jurgen Bey to sell some of those beautiful things. In hindsight there are a lot of fathers of Dutch Design. But according to us, Dick and Cok were the first. We’ll smile and toast when we find ourselves under the starry skies of Barbasso again.

Thank you Dick!




Above: Nynke Tynagel, Dick Dankers and Marianne van Dodewaard at Lensvelt.