Dreams to remember

Forced to miss out on her opening at Solo in Antwerp earlier this month, we compile our own gallery of the newest paintings by Annemarie Terlage, mastering a genre of idealized landscapes of paste/painted patches mixing acrylic and epoxy. The landscape format is favorite; offering (100 x 120 cm) medium large paintings on canvas and (apt to the subject matter) handsome postcard pictures (13 x 17 cm) on wood. In this new series Terlage felt inspired by memories of family trips in America, pictured as idealized clichés of tourist attractions on seventies postcards and contemporary images found online. 

9. epoxy op hout 13x17 cm
No9 epoxy on wood 13 x 17 cm
1.Blokje+13x17 HDR W
No1 epoxy on wood 13 x 17 cm
No21 epoxy on wood 13 x 17 cm
33.Blokje13x17 cm252C epoxy op
No33 epoxy on wood 13 x 17 cm
4.epoxy op hout 13x17 cm
No4 epoxy on wood 13 x 17 cm

She wittingly applies the material properties of epoxy mixed in acrylic colors building compositions from patches of bright neons set off against patches of deep colors; the leftover spaces filled in with a contrasting tint. Pleasantly reminiscent of Hockney, Terlage heads for a surprisingly unpretentious iconography, hinting to a nostalgia of family motels, the lazy shores of Lake Tahoe or a gang of horse riders crossing a sun blazed prairie. Lovely. 

Annemarie Terlage's art is handled by Galerie Solo Antwerpen