Unfold for Hermes

Hermès breathes sophistication; from its scarves, shoes and handbags down to the decoration and detailing of every one of their shop interiors. Their shop windows are created by promising designers and artists, some of them are Dutch. Following in a tradition set by ao. Studio WM and Kiki van Eijk the newest Hermès Amsterdam windows are designed by Unfold Design Studio from Antwerp.  



The set handmade from paper is mounted on an intricate arch-shaped aqueduct built from computer-generated scaffolding structures. The installation playfully evokes the architecture of the city and the building history of the shop itself. 

This playful and evocative visual story is a snapshot of a home in a soft spring breeze. An Hermès silk carré blows through a window frame. Rainwater pours over   the warm hues of a Passifolia teapot and splashes down a flow of narrow stairs. Signature buckles on a tiny boat follow a stream towards the drain. A silk twilly floats by, while puddles, weeds and grass sprout through the bricks. 



Trespassers call this ‘the most beautiful building if the PC’, nickname for the most elegant Amsterdam shopping street. In their original proposal of 2013, MVRDV planned to surplace the existing brown stones from the 19th century with a completely new glass building. When the city (rightfully) opposed to the plan the architects opted for a blend; up keeping the top half in traditional brick, while the shop’s two floors are encased in Venetian glass. To make it as harmonious as possible even the window frames and doorknobs are made in glass.