mixing by raw color

Chromatology is an installation based on 6 paper shredders, each connected with a motion sensor and fed by coloured paper rolls. The machines are triggered by the pure presence of the viewer in front of it allowing to activate each machine separately and influencing the colour mixing of the falling paper rain.

The visual blending of the paper shreds plays with the perception of colour mixing.

Chromatology 2 small

The installation was developed as part of the exhibition ‘The Vincent Affair’ curated by Edhv and Wendy Plomp. Departure point was to showcase contemporary counter pieces that represent aspects of Vincent van Gogh’s work. Raw Color was linked with his experimental nature in the field of colour mixing.

The exhibition location is the former house of Van Gogh’s love affair Margot Begemann in Nuenen.

Other participants are: Atelier NL, Erwin Thomasse, Jólan van der Wiel, Mike Roelofs, Lucas Maassen & Margriet Craens and We Make Carpets.

The exhibtion takes place from April 1st – Oktober 1st 2015.

Coding: Mark Brand
Project Assistance: Agnietė Preidytė, Anne Kolkman, Iris IJsvelt
Music: Chuzausen - Raro Bueno

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