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Impressionist, tactile even fragrant. Following their striking first 2014 co-op, Raf Simons and Kvadrat teamed up at a Milan launch of new textiles and home accesories. Magnificent.

To present the exiting blend of colours and materials Simons choreographed a perfect decor in a refurbished factory at Garage 21. Entering from Via Archimede onto a courtyard, a long stretch of heather grasses and field flowers ushered in the central theme of Simons’ 2019 collection. The patch introduced the irregular patterns of specks and blending nuances Simon took as an inspiration, painterly reminiscent of the fens of Neerpelt in Belgium Limburg where he grew up and the dunes around Ebeltoft, home to Kvadrat headquarters in Denmark. 

190407 KVADRAT RAF 03 5
190407 KVADRAT RAF 03 078

Helped by the soothing, filtered light of roofwindows Simon created the relaxing atmosphere of a summer holiday with simplest of means: a pile of pallets against heaps of coloured sand and three weatherworn wooden houses. Now highly priced gallery pieces, these demountable shacks were designed by Jean Prouvé and Pierre Jeanneret during the war to replace housing in bomb devastated villages. The dark metal construction devised by Prouvé in the thirties, greatly adds to the basic charm of these houses. In one of them, presenting his new upholstery on rare Chandigarh pieces Raf Simons cleverly lends the hand of the great Charlotte Perriand, whose influence of the furniture designs of Le Corbusier is beyond debate.


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