Studio Job in Milan

Cornucopia Milanese


50 Things, 20 Places, 12 Brands . . . . 

Seletti and Job are mates big time. It is a crazy and fruitful friendship too: over the top fastfood sofa's, Unlimited Edition Golden Banana lamps and Tiffany glass. Like the previous year Seletti organised a Design Pride. The Job Benz Mobile boosting a big banana was prominent. AND; loads of banana prints, skeletons, Love/Peace symbols on glasses by Ritzenhof and lamps by Slamp. Studio Job presented a mirror resembling an upturned frying pan as part of a fine collection brass objects for Ghindini. The Golden Torch was done for Qeeboo.

Studio Job Seletti Un Limited Editions Banana lamp 3
Studio Job Slamp The Lightning Archives Bananas
Studio Job Ritzenhoff Beer R N25Y



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