The Bold illustrations of Xaviera Altena


In the ninth issue of Woth Magazine, which celebrates the wonderful difference women make in every discipline of design, you'll find a lot of illustrations by Rotterdam based illustrator Xaviera Altena. As you can see, Xaviera's illustrations are bold, fun, colorful and have rough, black lines. They tend to remind me a bit of a meeting between grafitti and comics.

woth 9 illustrations xaviera altena
Xaviera Altena in Woth No9
selfie Xaviera Altena
beach please xaviera altena 2018
Beach Please
victim of love xaviera altena
Victim of Love

Wonderful World of Women

Choosing her work for issue No9, must have been almost a no-brainer; Altena is a woman, and that shows in her work, or at least in the topics she chooses for her drawings. Her personal work with titles such as 'Woke up like this', 'New Shoes' or 'Beach Please' reveal her interest for the populair culture of today, and in particulair the female part of it. Women will be women and girls will be girls: we like to dress up, we love the color pink (well okay, not everybodody does: but you catch the drift...) and we like showing off our femininity while being fierce, educated, strong and independent at the same time. If the modern day woman feels like spicing-up her life with 'girlie' stuff she doesn't hesitate. That all can be seen in the work of Xaviera Altena. (imagecredits:

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