Chop Chop


The thick round board is made of rubber-wood and has hidden handles (€ 52, 50 Charlotte Marie C.). The chef’s knife is from the Kai Shun Premier Tim Mälzer knife serie designed in collaboration with German chef Tim Mälzer. The handle is made of walnut and the blade is Japanese stainless steel in a DAMASK alloy, finished in ‘tsuchime’ style; marks applied manually with a hammer (€ 238, 95 via Studio Bazar). The coaster with an engraving of an eye is by the Gem Kingdom (€ 95 for four different pieces).


The folding pink cutting board was designed by Mark Sanders for Joseph Joseph (€ 21, 50). The Global G2 chef’s knife was designed by Komin Yamada, made from patented CROMOVA 18 stainless steel. The handle comes equipped with dimples for a good grip (€ 103, 50 via Studio Bazar). The silver miniature pomegranate is an auction piece.


A rosewood serving board with a metal handle (€19, 95 Bowls & Dishes). Pocket knife Bricolage Nr. 09 from Opinel, is actually a DIY multi-tool that can screw, cut and strip (€ 24, 95 Bowls & Dishes via Studio Bazar). Left a small can of sardines in olive oil (€ 2 Fish Tales). Sustainably caught the fish is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).


The blue cutting board has an antibacteriological impregnation based on silver ions (€ 21, 95 Stericare). The stainless steel multi-functional meat hammer comes from Studio Bazar (€ 29, 95). Below a postcard format unique and signed piece from the series ‘Car crash’ by Job van den Berg for the Post Modern Collection (€ 55).


The large display board is traditionally made from sustainable harvested wood. The shelf has also been soaked twice in grape seed oil for protection (€ 28, 95 Stericare). The knife is a typical Le Sabatier (starting € 12,99). The clappers are the first product of Assembly-Line; an enterprise that stimulates and produces collaborations between designers and local craftsmen.