Cor Unum Design Competition


Cor Unum, a ceramic art company in the Netherlands, is really committed to inspiring young design talent. For that reason, Cor Unum organises an annual international design competition for talented designers, who are studying art and/or design.

The sixth edition of this competition is being prepared by Cor Unum and by teachers of art & design schools in the Netherlands. They unanimously voted for this year’s theme: Sharing + Caring.

By sharing your ideas, ideals, concerns and solutions, you can take care for those who can’t take care of themselves. In short: how can sharing your design take care of those who can’t, for example individualism, charity, sustainability, food sharing and waste. Please feel free to interpret the contest theme Sharing + Caring in the broadest sense of the words. However the practicability of your design in ceramic is a condition.

The journey to the eventual nomination and possibility of winning an award, consists of an extended and inspirational program. Entrants to the contest can follow the next steps:

1. I’m in / Subscription from the 1st of July Final entry date for participation: December 11, 2018

2. See, hear & learn / October 9, 2018 Visit to the Design Museum, Den Bosch where a lecture will be given by Timo de Rijk, managing director of the museum & Visit to Cor Unum, where a lecture an a tour will be given by Charlotte Landsheer, managing director of Cor Unum.

3. Speed-date / December 11, 2018 Feedback moment for participants by leading Dutch designers such as David Derksen, Stephanie van Keijsteren (Studio RENS), Renee Mennen (Studio RENS), Bas van Beek, Sophie Boonman, Floris Hovers and Alex de Witte. But also professionals such as Ton Musch (moulder Cor Unum), Bryan van Schooten (moulder Cor Unum), Charlotte Landsheer (production Cor Unum). Students can ask for feedback on how to tackle problems concerning the realisation of their design or how to improve their design.

4. Here it is / 31 January 31, 2019 Deadline for submission of your design

5. You’re the one / February 5 2019 Announcement of the nominees

6. Here am I / February 19, 2019 Pitch by the nominees to the jury and award ceremony

Art & design schools are invited to incorporate these events in their educational program. How to participate?

• This competition is open to students currently attending education and being enrolled in an art & design school or course.

• For entries please send an e-mail to (closing date December 11, 2018) You will receive a message which will confi rm your participation and will give more information on how to submit your design before January 31, 2019.

• Participants are requested to submit a prototype that can be produced in either porcelain or pottery.

• Please ensure that your entry includes:
1. Your name and contact details,
2. In what school year you’re in,
3. A clear explanation/description and presentation of your design,
4. The title of your design.

Terms and conditions

• Please give serious consideration to your design,
• A clear presentation has to be part of your entry,
• You give permission to Cor Unum to produce your design,
• You give permission for your design and presentation to be used in any form of publication,
• You give permission for your design to be part of any subsequent exhibition,
• Once your design is nominated, you’re expected to attend the award ceremony, or be available for Skype.

Nice to know

• The nominees will be judged by a professional jury presided by Sergio Herman (MasterChef The Jane and Pure C), Jacco la Gasse (business partner The Jane and Pure C), Timo de Rijk (managing director Design Museum Den Bosch), Just Haasnoot (interior designer), Roderick Vos (designer) and Charlotte Landsheer (managing director Cor Unum and ceramic specialist).

• The 3 best designs will be awarded with the following prizes .
1st € 400,00* .
2nd € 300,00 .
3rd € 200,00 *

and royalty’s after deduction of research and production costs. But even more important: the 1st prize winner will work as a journeyman under the inspiring leadership of Cor Unum’s top moulders on the process of making the matrix .

Also the number 1 winner will be taught all aspects of how to bring the product to the market. We highly appreciate your participation in this competition Sharing + Caring. And, talking about sharing, please share this information with your colleague students. Well make sure you go on a fantastic journey by taking part in this challenging competition.

Cor Unum Design Contest Team, Esther Scheepers, Joke de Vries en Monique Slabbers

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