Jewellery by Moniek Postma


The Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam houses a teeny-tiny fun shop named Wolfware. Next to fashion and interior goods from their own brand, they also sell handmade Jewellery by Moniek Postma.

Moniek Postma

Moniek Postma creates wonderful necklaces and earrings in the shape of little abstract people which she names 'the family'. The Family is handmade with recycled Jewellery and created with great care for detail: the 'dolls' have eyes, ears, they wear skirts or have special hairdo's: ànd still are wearable as earrings! Moniek Postma obviously isn't a big production machine, as far as we know she sells the Family series at WolfWare Amsterdam only. You can follow her on instagram @moniekpp

Watch Postma at work by in a short clip (in dutch)