Six months ago. I ordered this illustration by young artist Karl-Joel Larsson from Gothenburg. His style, along the lines of Matisse and Picasso, hit a sensitive nerve; every time I look at it, I see my mother. Warm, atmospheric and a talented painter. One copy went to my mom and until a short while ago the other had a place in our living room in Utrecht. Two months ago. My girlfriend and I and countless moving boxes filled to the brim set off for Gothenburg, an unfamiliar city, for a 12-month stay and a new adventure. We only had room for one work of art in the car. Now. The wall of our furnished Swedish apartment is adorned with the illustration by Swedish artist Karl-Joel Larsson. An illustration sent to the Netherlands from Gothenburg, taken back to Gothenburg so we could, from day one, feel at home in a foreign city. Thank you Karl, and thank you mom.


This news was published in WOTH No8. This issue is still available in english via Bruil & van der StaaijOr get a subscription here!