Louis Reith

Louis was born in Hengelo, the Netherlands. As a boy he was crazy about collecting music and making mix-tapes and music of his own, naturally progressing towards making art by cutting up flyers and turning them into collages. Years later, Louis decided to focus entirely on his visual art after losing all of his music in a computer crash. I’ve been keeping tabs on him for years and his work seems to keep evolving; he appears to effortlessly switch between different kinds of media and his style keeps getting more minimal, but also more refined. This evolution was visible in the exhibition at the Amsterdam Mini Galerie, where exquisite collages of recovered book pages were on show (some are still up for grabs!), but also in the remarkable collaboration with Rotterdam jewellery label The Boyscouts, for whom he designed a beautiful scarf. Louis’s love of art extends into publishing books, prints and music in cooperation with acquainted artists (like Merijn Hos, who appeared in WOTH before), using the name Jordskred, which is Swedish for landslide – a very applicable name for an artist who manages to create surprising amounts of work.


This news was published in WOTH No5. This issue is still available in english via Bruil & van der Staaij. Or get a subscription here!