MUJI opens first Hotel in China

No Brand Quality Goods

That's the Philosophy of the Japanese Muji Brand. I guess we all now about the wonderful Muji store by know. The first one opened in 1983 in Japan (and in 1991 the first international store in London.) Since then there are about 750 Muji stores worldwide. If there isn't a MUJI in your city or country: the possibility of ordering online is just only a 'click' away. If you aren't familiar with the store: visit it now! Here. It's filled with good quality household goods, with emphasis on recycling, avoidance of waste in production and packaging. Muji sells products from aprons to paper shredders, everything designed for compact, basic and 'peacefull' living. (White is the main colour used by Muji)

Muji Hotels

MUJI has expanded into the hospitality business (the day you know would come) and opened it's first Hotel in China, in the city of Shenzen. Shenzhen is a megacity of 14 million people, surrounded by the sea on west and east. Muji says that they have "created a comfortable base from which to inspire curiosity about this city of perpetual innovation and commercial endeavors." I believe that instantly: that text is a nice incentive to visit Shenzen for the MUJI Hotel. The rooms come with, very important, standard complimentary items: showercap, toothbrush. Must feel like a free mini shoppingspree at Muji!

Muji Car

In 2001, Muji and Nissan Motors produced the Muji Car 1000. This fuel efficient, low-emission, and low-cost limited edition aimed to incorporate recycled materials wherever possible and had limited polish. Following Muji's no-brand strategy, the car had no branding logo


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