On the cover of our festive No20 issue Seeing Glass Offround Hue —by Sabine Marcelis and Britt van Nerven

We spot dots!

WHAT is the saying again....? 
When you are pregnant, you start seeing babies everywhere!

We seem to be spotting spots ever since we created our festive No20 cover!

IMG 5028
IMG 5088

Dalmatian dog fantasy a collaboration between set-designer Éli Serres and photographer Adrien Toubiana.

yayoi kusama 1
gb21 yayoi kusama the eternally infinite light of the universe 1494w
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Queen of the festive Dots, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama

bardi bowl chair mobile slide1
bardi bowl chair mobile slide2

Italian-Brazilian designer Lina Bo Bardi's Bowl chair for Arper.

in volle bloei tentoonstelling mauritshuis card
200 jaar banner
in volle bloei tentoonstelling mauritshuis header homepage

Mauritshuis The Hague celebrates 200 years with a festive exhibition on exotic flower still lives.