Packaging design for Dr.Jart+

Shake & Shot

Category is: Beauty products: in particular the packaging for Shake & Shot rubber face masks from Dr.Jart+ which were launched in February, 2018.

Dr Jart+ Shake Shot package

Shake and shot is "a fun, DIY rubbery modeling mask that infuses skin with potent actives to smooth for a healthy, dewy-looking complexion." According to Dr.Jart it offers "Solutions for Fine lines and wrinkles. Loss of firmness and elasticity. Dullness and uneven texture. (read more Available in Europa from

Baby Face

What the contents of this colorful take-away-cup-with-a-baby-face-lid can do for your complexion is interesting stuff: but the packaging is the most exciting. It isn't the most beautiful (dare I say: it's even almost ugly) but it did caught our attention and introduced us to the Dr.Jart+ skincare label. Obviously good design (dare I say: brilliant design) isn't always about beauty (pun intended).
The latest design for Dr.Jart+ certainly is about beauty though: "Pentagram has created a system that gives the dispensers a cohesive look and feel. The forms remain consistent, but the materials and colors change for various lines. First to launch is the hydrating Ceramidin line, and the new look will be extended through the nine other product lines." (read and see more

drjart pentagram ceramidin
package design by Pentagram for Dr.Jart+
moist lover grande
moist lover package
drjart dermask main
award-winning dermask package design


The brand name comes from “Doctor Joins Art”, our guess is that the "art" part stands for the way this South Korean skincare brand packages it's products.
HAVE & BE won the IF design Award for best packaging for their Dr.Jart+ Dermask Pack design in 2017. Responsible for the Shake & Shot design are Lee Kwijeong (Creative Director) and Han Wooram. (imagecredits Dr.Jart+/ Pentagram)

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