There is a beauty in numbers.  The centennial of Bauhaus,  opens up to a myriad of ways of delving into the past. But N012 takes a few steps forward,  highlighting contemporary designs by Joost van Bleiswijk in which the sleek minimalist meets the boldness of punk. Xavier Lust adapted all the elegance of style  we knew of his tables, chairs and other sculptural objects to create a signature home for himself and his family.  WOTH explored Marcel Wanders‘ Museum of Extinct and talked to former Memphis figure head Michele de Lucchi.  Interviews with Nipa DoshiChristoph Delcourt. It’s N012; treasure house of the multiple, plural and intricately colourful.


Also: Rick TegelaarAart van AsseldonkClaes IversenSjoerd Vroonland and Frans Schrofer.


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