eye beacon pavilion amsterdam light festival u161216 jvde9
eye beacon pavilion by UNstudio | 2016
Holon Light2
Holon light by M. Martens and J. Visser | 2016

Visitors can experience a wide variety of art works walking around town. But the most spectacular view is offered when traveling on water. Most of the artworks and light art installations are located alongside the Water Colors route, a boat ride through the Amsterdam canals. The artworks' reflections cause a magical interplay between light, water and the 17th century architecture.

Do you want to experience the light art from up close?


Rhizome House DP Architects Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 2
Rhizome House by DP Architects | 2016
IMG 0097 1 copy
Nest by Vikas Patil & Santhosh Gujar | 2016