BlowUp Art Den Haag

Stroll past giant-colored inflatable art around the Binnenhof
5 —28 May 2023

Following the success of the first BlowUp Art The Hague, six new blow-up artworks are coming to the Museum Quarter. Take a walk past the colorful works of international artists and relive the beauty of our city center.

Big art

Six temporary works of inflatable art have been specially designed for the Berlage Kiosk, The Passage, the Hofvijver, the side wall of the Koninklijke Schouwburg, the exit of the parking garage at Tournooiveld and the shell path along the Lange Vijverberg. Pulchri Studio hosts a small expo of sketches and proposals. The inflatables are made by a selection of international artists, designers and architects: Paul Cournet/CLOUD (FR/NL), Steve Messam (UK), Raw Color (D/NL), Lambert Kamps (NL), Theo Botschuijver (NL) and Yamuna Forzani (IT/UK/NL). Be there! The blowups are here for three weeks only!!


BlowUp Art 2023 The Hague is a production of BinnenhofBuiten, a project of The Hague & Partners. BinnenhofBuiten organizes events and activities during the renovation of the Binnenhof. BlowUp Art 2023 is curated by Mary Hessing.  

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230504 Paul Cournet 5 kopie
230504 Yamuna Forzani 1 v2 kopie
230504 Lambert Kamps 1 v2 kopie
230504 Theo Botschuijver 1 kopie3
230504 Steve Messam 2 kopie