Call for creatives and artists

Freshness brings life, NOW more than EVER

Are you a dreamer? Good! WOTH could bring your ideas a few steps further by offering editorial space and professional guidance to make it real. 

The editorial staf of WOTH is looking for ideas and Wonderful creative concepts for editorial features for our upcoming WOTH Book. Concepts that we could produce and create together with you. So if you are walking around with this idea for a photoshoot, collage, or otherwise interesting visual display of talent, but do not have the skills, facilities or acces to professionals to make this happen, please let us know we might just be able to team you up with the right people. 


please pitch your idea to us by using the button below:

Yes! I'm in 


creatives allert vb
examples of artwork by raw color, envisions and dutch invertuals
  • We need to be able to produce your idea here in the Netherlands.
  • You would be part of the team that creates the feature. 
  • Limited budget is available for realising the idea. 
  • We try to work with young starting professionals to give as many people the opportunity to showcase their talent and build up a portfolio. 
  • Each team would consist of one well seasoned professional 
  • The feature is a co-creation

Mail us to pitch your idea, and remember that nothing is too crazy!