Must see

Zuiderzeemuseum commisioned 15 artists and designers to look at the Netherlands like a tourist and re-interpert famous Dutch icons like cheese or bikes in the exhibit 
Must See visitors get to see the somehow spectaculair results! 

the exhibition was curated by Anne van der Zwaag.


Participants and Dutch icons;
Lex Pott - professional fishing, Kars+Boom - cheese, Leslie Nagel - windmils, Bart Schalekamp - bikes, Bastiaan de Nennie - flowers, Elmo Vermijs - Dutch skies, Lisa Konno - wooden shoos, Das Leben am Haverkamp - traditional costumes, Boris Maas - water, Maze de Boer - cows, Dana Dijkgraaf - postcards, Sander Wassink - cleanliness, Suzan Hijink - souvenirs, Jólan van der Wiel - dykes, Folkert Koelewijn en Teuntje Fleur - tourist sites.