Object Rotterdam 2019

–until 10.02.19

Object Rotterdam has been one of our favourite fairs in the Netherlands for years, but this years editon is extraordinair! With the likes of Ontwerpduo, Raw Color, Lex Pott, Post Modern, Rive Roshan and Scheublin & Lindeman it is a must go this weekend. Lots of talented young designers as wel fresh from the different art schools the Netherlands cherish.  Perfectly combined with Art Rotterdam and other art related events this weekend. 

HAKA Building, Vierhavensstraat 38-42 Rotterdam

11-19.00 hours


OBJECT Rotterdam 2019 Schimmel Schweikle
Schimmel Schweikle
OBJECT Rotterdam 2019 Ontwerpduo photo Jeroen van der Wielen
OBJECT Rotterdam 2019 Raphia
OBJECT Rotterdam 2019 Isaac Monte I
Isaac Monté
OBJECT Rotterdam 2019 Rive Roshan
Rive Roshan