The future is female


Love Letters

—until 13.09.20

CODA Museum Apeldoorn 

A beautiful exhibition with work of 41 female artist, who over the past decades did not get the attention they deserved. Like Jenny Holzer (1950, US), Mamma Andersson (1962, Sweden), Polly Apfelbaum (1955, US), Anna Opperman (1940-1993, Germany),Terri Friedman (1962, US), Anna Atkins (1799-1871, GB).

Based on a concept by WOTH contributor Twan Janssen and Francis Boeske that already as curated the exhibits The Future is Female bij PARTS Project The Hague (2018) and Boys don’t Cry in Concordia Enschede  (2019). Words on the wall of the exhibit are by Janssen.  

top image: Hannah Wooll, Best in Show, acrylic and acrylic ink on book page, 2019


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yoko ono
yoko Ono
Malin Gabrielle Nordin Plate 17 collage 2017 collectie Julia van der Meer
Malin Gabrielle Nordin
Jenny Holzer Inflammatory Essays Black Book Posters detail lithografie op gekleurd papier 1977 1985 CODA collectie
Jenny Holzer