Ventura Centrale - Milano shortlisted part 3

4-9 April 2017 If  you are interested in Dutch Design and have Salone Design Week on your to-do-list

for some years now, will probably be acquinted with Ventura Lambrate. New venue to add to your Milan itinerary is the Ventura Centrale warehouses, typically abandoned for decades: now re-opened by courtesy of Organisation in Design. A shortlist 'Things of Interest' curated by WOTH Team for your convenience.

WOTH'S ON; Ventura Centrale - Milano shortlisted part 3


‘May I have your attention please?’ is a caricature of our time. Everyone wants everyone’s attention, without knowing exactly why. Dozens of horns whisper messages, stories, opinions, suggestions, poems and anecdotes to an audience of empty chairs that Maarten Baas designed for Lensvelt. Using clever production methods, each chair turns out slightly different from the others– just like people. The installation can be found in the old warehouses around Milan’s Central Station.

WOTH'S ON; Ventura Centrale - Milano shortlisted part 3

Lee Broom

is here celebrating his 10th presence as a designer at the Salone, Broom mounts a carroussel with a retrospective of major designs, executed in serene white.
 Find it at Ferrante Aporti 15.

WOTH'S ON; Ventura Centrale - Milano shortlisted part 3

Studio Thier & van Daalen

Vapour Light is the name of the new irregularly shaped lamp by Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier, presented at Ventura Lambrate. The lamp illustrates a fascination for movement and the contrast between straight lines and organic form.’

Atelier Mendini

Claudio Miliote and Dutchman Jan Puylaert created a recycle-able plastic melting at 120 degrees. It can be melted and remelted over and over again without losing itsn fundamental characteristics. It's pixel-like appearance, is the material’s most striking feature. This sums up the main reason to ask King of the Confetti Print Allesandro Mendini to create a matching design. He and his team set about it enthusiastically. Visitors to the Salone will find his clounge chair Alex on show at Ventura Centrale. ecopixel Ventura Centrale, Via Ferrante Aporti 15, 20125, Milan

Luca Nichetto and Ben Gorham

made two glass installations for the Italian Salviati brand, playing a joyful game of light and space in the former station halls of Milan’s Central Station. Ventura Centrale, Via Ferrante Aporti 15, 20125, Milan

More participants at Ventura Lambrate or Ventura Centrale can be viewed on the website of Ventura projects Save Save