A fine cooperation; shop + bar + designer

Collaboration is always a good thing to embark on. Sometimes the results turn out fine. The ceramic series Tri, designed by Dutch brand De Intuitiefabriek was commissioned by Just Haasnoot's designshop in Wassenaar, near The Hague. It's a special edition tableware for ZebedeÜs@Just Cafe the bar/restaurant in Just Haasnoot's shop. 

Samenwerking tussen cafe, winkel en designer

Tri, designed by De Intuitiefabriek is a porcelain set of three circular items; a tray, a cup and a small dish available in three colours (Photography by Ruud Peijnenburg)

Samenwerking tussen cafe, winkel en designer

ZebedeÜs@Just Cafe was designed by Just Haasnoot. Zebedeus@Just Cafe serving breakfast and lunch and wines is located in the heart of the village; Achterweg 11 2242KS Wassenaar

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