Maurizio Azzimonti: a house and a creative character in dialogue

Fashion, material and love for design run like a golden thread through Maurizio Azzimonti's experience, in service of the creative industry. Elegance shines in his home and tranquility surrounds it, embedded in the peaceful countryside just 20 minutes away from the buzz of Milan.

Working as the Creative & Window Director of Moncler for the past twenty years, put Azzimonti in the position to experiment and create. On top of that he established, together with his partners, fashion brand Poldo Dog Couture in 2016 creating and producing luxury clothes and accessories for dogs in utterly 'Made in Italy' style.

MAURIZIO AZZIMONTI Creative & Window Director of Moncler since 2003.

Entrance 1950s armchair in velvet and a late 19th century bronze faun

Maurizio Azzimonti Creative & Window Director of Moncler since 2003.

Room Sideboard from the 1960s - Cloud-shaped vases, Ludwigsburg manufacture, late 18th century. - miniature animal sculptures, Henry Fratin early 19th century Paris

Custom made wallpapers

Azzimonti wanted to revitalize the rural character of the building plus the 100 square meter garden around it. Once inside, iconic pieces of design and meticulous attention for detail, enhance the interior of a welcoming and luxurious home. The wallpaper that forms the background of the rooms, was entirely created by Maurizio using Moncler fabric modules. Each room contains pieces of modern antiques ranging from the 50s until the 80s. A profusion of creativity has transformed old storage cabinets into bathroom furniture with the addition of marble slabs that have enriched four bathrooms in the building. The atmosphere of the house is characterized by design lamps, illuminating the rooms with sophistication.


Studio Office cabinet from the 1950s - Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Charles and Ray Eames 1956 covered in pony skin - Bronze horseman around 1880 - Spider Joe Colombo lamp for O-Luce

Alanui x Poldo Dog Couture

Bedroom 59s sideboard - Cacciapuoti porcelain elephant - Castiglioni Brothers Arco lamp for Flos 60s - Castiglioni brothers Gatto table lamp for Flos 60s made of cocoon

Poldo Dog Couture A fashion brand by Azzimonti and his partners, which creates and produces luxury clothes and accessories for dogs with a completely Made in Italy style.

Bedroom 50's bed - Argentinian armchairs - bookcase with desk - pair of vases in Blue Jhon circa 1820 -  Luigi Caccia Dominioni 1990 ‘Monachella lamp’ for Azucena 

Bathroom 1950s refurbished dresser 


Attic 50's bed, parchment trunks and a Louis Vuitton equipped rigid suitcase - Neo-Gothic style harp 1911 Erard - Henry Fratin  Paris - early 1800s miniature animal sculptures,  Drawing easel England Victorian period circa 1850


Feature courtesy FineArt by Dimanoinmano