The good things in life are in capable hands with Gert Voorjans. An award-winning interior designer and deeply rooted Antwerp resident, he likes panache. Timid is not what you’d call his interiors. His sense of style fits with the neoclassic architecture of the Theaterbuurt area where he lives and works. Gert Voorjans takes us for a stroll.


From Leopoldplaats I often take a walk to the Botanical Garden. The gate was designed by architect Pierre Bruno Bourla in 1826. Around that time, Den Botaniek was planted as a garden of medicinal plants for the neighbouring St Elisabeth hospital. Nowadays, you can walk in for free as early as eight in the morning.



I gladly walk an extra mile for a good cup of coffee. Aldo, formerly the baker of starred restaurant Dôme, opened his Domestic on Lange Gasthuisstraat 5. It’s a place of authentic baking. Thick-crusted loaves, crispy baguettes and beautiful cakes. The groceries, too, are selected for their pure and honest tastes.

IMG 2284
Botanical Garden — Leopoldstraat 24
Domestic IMG 104 Hannelore Dreher
Dôme domestic — Steenbokstraat 37


On Volksstraat, you’ll find Enes. A precious department store full of sophisticated and luxury clothing and accessories. Enes has been an established name in the city for 15 years, recently officially reopened in a large townhouse in a new location. Pay attention to the effect of the new interior by Gert Voorjans, blending tastefully with existing ornaments, materials, wall coverings and furniture from previous centuries.


The Theaterbuurt has been booming for years and this contributes to the liveliness of Sint-Jorispoort. The recently opened Carotterie 2000 is a veggie restaurant run by the amiable Peggy Acke. That she’s originally from the world of fashion is clear from the elegant interior. The lunch menu is entirely Ottolenghi-worthy as well. 




Next to the ModeMuseum, you’ll find the Copyright bookshop. It’s one of those places in which lovers of design, modern art, architecture and typography can easily spend a couple of hours. Besides tourists with a sense of beauty, many students of creative subjects find their way to this shop as well. The interior was designed by Vincent Van Duysen, recently declared Designer of the Year by Interieur Kortrijk.



Coming from Nationalestraat, the strikingly semi-circular corner of Drukkerijstraat that was marked by department store New England in the nineteenth century beckons from afar. After being renovated by Ghent architect Marie-José Van Hee, the MoMu opened its doors in 2002. The architecture and interior alone make this building worthwhile. 



When experts say that the Graanmarkt is close to being the most beautiful of squares, then number 13 must score high in the category ‘characteristic concept stores’. Passers-by immediately feel that there must be something special going on behind its large windows. Graanmarkt 13 is a restaurant, shop and gallery under a single roof. Architect Vincent Van Duysen marked all new interventions in the building by a clear graphic style that includes black steel pipes and profiles. He continued that same style in the hotel apartment (in the former dwelling of owners Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven). 






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