Body and Soul

Canvas & Ceramics

Early spring on our website WOTH launched a special campaign called ‘Fresh Design’ inviting creatives, makers and designers to pitch their ideas. It gradually grew into a wild bunch of miscellaneous talents. We reached out to youngsters offering an alternative platform for their work, hoping to fill some of the void caused by cancelled shows, due to various lockdowns.

We were happy to discover several bright new minds which were presented on pages throughout issue No18. From this harvest online we picked one project which we made into a large scale production with our team. Young photographer and artist Larissa Ambachtsheer painted the scenography serving as a background for the ceramics of Françoise Jeffrey, who started making ceramic objects and vases, honoring the memory of her deceased mother.

earth 2
Vase Modder earth
earth 3
Vase Modder Odness (Part of a set of two pieces)
Vase Modder serendipity

FranCoise Jeffrey

Working with ceramics started out as a kind of therapeutic outlet and soon evolved into a whole range of objects honoring the spirit of her deceased mother. The journey of a ball of clay, from a formless piece to an object of art is astounding to witness. And satisfying; its obvious Françoise Jeffrey has put a lot of love in her first collection.


Vase Modder organic
Love 2
Love 3
Vase Modder love