This woman breathes color. Her work is currently on show at the Boijmans museum in Rotterdam. A true manifesto for unstable colours. Drawing on 15 years of colour research, designer Hella Jongerius presents a series of installations that deepen our understanding of colour. Breathing Colour is a statement about the strength, imperfection and versatility of colour as a reaction to the flatness of the colours produced by industry. Ultimately, Jongerius aims to pit the power of colour against the power of form. a MUST-visit from now until August 12th of 2018.



The range of books on colour in natural science, in optics, in psychology and experience, in symbolism and even in sound and music is impressive. But Hella Jongerius is an expert, and shows us that colours breathe and reveal themselves in ever-changing ways, just like all the other life around us.


In the basement of the Design Museum in London september 2017, Jongerius used projected light to bring colours to life. The exhibition showed the changing state of colours in the light of the morning, noon or the evening. Jongerius uses three dimensional colour samples, 'Colour Catchers', to show how areas of degrees of colours or contrasting colours depend on their position relative to the light. 


The beauty of colour that Hella Jongerius presented in this exhibition is the culmination of nearly 25 years of searching and experimenting. She not only wants colour to play a part in the development of the products with which we adorn our homes, work spaces and lives. Rather than continue to strive for new things most new and advanced, we should also try to learn and appreciate coincidence and the way in which design objects are enriched by use, wear and imperfections over time.






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