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presented A special Pop-Up shop during the 'Designkwartier' festival in The Hague. This has been created as well by Team WOTH: 'Vazenwinkel' selling Dutch designer vases only. Furthermore drinks and nibbles, prepared by Haagse Hapjes, were served on the patio at WOTH HQ

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Vases by vanjansen, cor unum, pols potten, handmade industrials, vintage and more.

In the former milkshop Van Galenstraat No 40, currently in use as a WOTH office, visitors of the festival would wander around flowervessels from Cor Unum, VazenvanJanssen, Handmade Industrials, PolsPotten and many more. All vases were categorised by color. A great SUCCES it was! 


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Pop-up vase shop
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Instagram picture credits for: Arjan van BraamMonique Meijden, chiefanqelique, Rachel_lancashire, Jantienbaas, etc.