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Immsider trendmagazine is the online magazine of the IMM Cologne trade fair. Woth's Mary Hessing created an article for Immsider about Dutch design for lighting. Just sharing the dossier she compiled for Immsider below.

Immsider trendmagazine Light by Mary Hessing

A dossier on all things uplifting and illuminating compiled by Mary Hessing, founding editor of WOTH Wonderful Things magazine

Lighting can bring poetry to a room. We are not talking mere lamps here. In recent years some very interesting designers have taken up the design of objects emitting light and drawing shadows and do magic. Not all, but quite a few of them are young and Dutch, like Sabine Marcelis or Os and OOS or Ralph Nauta of Studio Drift.

Voie Lights by Sabine Marcelis.

Sabine Marcelis’ work revolves around light. It’s not only about the way it illuminates, caresses and shines, but also about the way it takes over materials that in turn dominate spaces. Nature is Sabine Marcelis’s great inspiration. Especially nature’s most elusive yet most important phenomenon: light. The designer is trying to get a grip on the strength that shows us the world by studying glass, neon and resin. Her Rotterdam studio is both laboratory and workshop. Her methods combine the techniques she learned as she trained as an industrial designer in New Zealand with the conceptual approach of the Design Academy Eindhoven she graduated from in 2011. She herself describes her practice as ‘looking for magical moments in materiality and manufacturing processes’.

 What WHOT noticed at the IMM Cologne 2017

MA Table Composition
MA Table Composition
MA Floor Composition
Ma Floor Compostition


Looking at the work of Michael Anastassiades never fails to enthuse us. The man makes the loveliest of lamps for Flos and then some under his own name. This year, he designed a collection of marble tables for the Italian Salvatori. Again, beautiful. Brand new is this series of lamps in claret called Floor Composition. He once again defies the laws of gravity, but does so with the sophistication of a sculptor.

Light Play

You know that magical feeling – when kids draw something and by a stroke of genius they capture the essence of what they want to express …? Not a perfect representation but, because of its imperfections, so powerful, truthful and pure, and therefore perhaps even more perfect than perfection can be. It might seem odd, comparing the work of Formafantasma with child’s play. But there’s an inherent playfulness in the duo’s recent light objects. For Flos, Formafantasma designed Blush and WireRing – two objects that make light, colour and shadow dance in the joyful ballet that is rarely captured when designed. The carefully orchestrated choreographies reveal the hand of masters that truly understand ‘design’ – not just as a language, but as literature. Likewise, the duo illustrates their profound understanding of ‘play’ in their collection of experiments and gallery one-offs presented at Spazio Krizia during this year’s edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan. (read on and see the images on Immsider Magazine)


Imm cologne

IMM Cologne is one of the larger international interior design trade fairs. On show at this fair is furniture for the trends of the coming season and beyond. Presented, by 1,200 exhibitors from 50 countries, are current colours, shapes and materials which will reach stores next year. This year IMM Cologne will be open on 15.01.18-21.01.2018.


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