Jijibaba menswear by Jasper Morrison and Jaime Hayon

Jijibaba is a menswear collection designed by Jasper Morrison and Jaime Hayon. Exclusively and new at Dover Street Market and the DSML E-SHOP!

Jijibaba is an evolving collection of apparel created by a community of designers whose normal field of work covers a wide variety of products and living spaces. The brand’s first items include two distinct yet complementary menswear lines designed by Jasper Morrison and Jaime Hayon, each reflecting their unique creative spirit and identity.

Jijibaba, menswear designed by Jasper Morrison and Jaime Hayon

(Jijibaba Jaime Hayon Sweater with Jacquard Masks, in Burgundy made in

100% Wool, 440 pounds buy at the DSML E-SHOP) Jasper Morrison and Jaime Hayon are the first designers for Jijibaba; the collection will expand in the future with further items designed by other designers.

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