Merijn Hos

Although Merijn Hos’ reputation is firmly established in the creative community, it’s about time the rest of the world gets to see his wonderful work as well. I’ve been a big fan of Merijn for years, particularly of the way in which he manages to successfully combine his commercial work for brands such as Nike, Wired, Calvin Klein, Apple and Google with the independent work he shows at exhibitions in places like New York, Düsseldorf and Madrid. More than that, the two even reinforce each other. Where as many illustrators would be resting on their laurels, the Utrecht-based illustrator is always looking for new shapes, textures and colour schemes. The illustration to the left/right is nothing more than one of his many experiments, as well as a tribute to one of his (and my) favourite objects: Aalto’s vase for Iittala.

This news was published in WOTH No3. This issue is still available in english via Bruil & van der Staaij. Or get a subscription here!