COLOMN By Jaap Biemans


  • ZEIT MAGAZIN (Germany)

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in terms of magazine covers, out comes Zeit Magazin. For this issue, they asked artist Tino Sehgal to design the cover. Carte blanche. Sehgal creates ‘constructed situations’ rather than material works of art. How on earth do you translate that to a cover? Have no cover. Head straight for the content. I love it that Zeitdid this, but no matter how exciting the concept is, it has no visual impact. 

Editor in chief: Christoph Amend 
Creative director: Mirko Borsche
Art director: Jasmin Muller-Stoy


  • THE GOURMAND (England) 

This month, the cover of The Gourmandis literally delicious. The combination of dry photography and humour is irresistible (read: I’ve got to have it, it’s got to sit on my reading table). Then the back cover attracts my attention as well. An encore! This is not the kind of thing you can come up with at an editor’s desk. This was created during the photo shoot and the art director made the most of it. The fun is obvious.

Editor in Chief: David Lane & Marina Tweed
Creative Director: David Lane 

08 Back Cover High Res
The Gourmand (UK)
Titel Sehgal
Zeit Magazin (DE)
08 Cover High Res
The Gourmand (UK)
  • VOLKSKRANT MAGAZINE (Netherlands) 

What happens when you’ve planned a cover portraying your biggest design hero? Sweat stains. This’ll have to be the best cover ever, the Abbey Road of your oeuvre – design king Wim Crouwel (aged 89) deserves no less. As a starting point, this is obviously an absolute non-starter. It blocks everything. The photo shoot is a failure and is called off and this turns out to be a gift from the design gods: the option to create a non-photographic cover using Crouwel’s numeral stamps from 1976 as a starting point (so clear, so simple). I rarely had this much fun creating a cover. And then I went to visit the master himself, a couple of printed copies under my arm. I’ve never been happier with a smile. 

Editor in Chief: Corinne van Duin 
Art director: Jaap Biemans
Picture Editor: Heike Gulker


  • METRÓPOLI (Spain) 

This is a funny magazine. Inside, it’s packed with calendars, lists and numbers. But that cover: what a sensation! And more than just a lucky strike – this magazine designs 52 hit covers a year. Creative director Rodrigo Sanchez approaches his subjects from the most impossible angles. The best part is that the title is often illustrative as well. I take off my hat to this cover about the film Ben Hur. And check out that logo on the issue about nudist beaches. 

Creative director: Rodrigo Sanchez     



by Jaap Biemans
art director of a. o. Volkskrant Magazine
loves a good cover and writes about this
on his daily blog

Volkskrant Magazine (NL)
Metropoli (ES)
Metropoli (ES)


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