As commissioned by Postbus 51 (its name derived from PO Box 51 The Hague) an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

Wees verstandig met energie Postbus 51


Simple, striking and prophetic. When advertising is inspired by loftier purposes, it may well surprise. This icon of earth as a burning candle created by designer Ben van Damme, copywriter Ron Meijer and photographer George Underwood ran as an infomercial, preceding the eight of clock news, also released as a poster and print advertisement. Spurred by the oil crisis of 1973 and informed by the report 'The Limits to Growth' (1972) of the Club of Rome, this appeal to 'use energy wisely' warned the Dutch public to rationalize the use of natural resources; start insulating homes, close curtains and moderate speed while driving the highway: 'because one day fossil energy might simply burn up'. A great campaign mentioned with honors in the Reclamejaarboek 1976.