Designkwartier 2018 WOTH Gallery

WOTH Magazine presents: Sectie-C, during the 'Designkwartier' festival in The Hague, an interesting show, curated by Michela Castagnaro. A special Pop-Up shop has been created as well by Team WOTH: 'Vazenwinkel' selling Dutch designer vases only (by o.a. Cor Unum, Vazen van Janssen and Handmade Industrials next to vintage vases.) Furthermore drinks and nibbles, prepared by Haagse Hapjes, are served on the patio at WOTH HQ. How Wonderful


IMG 3984
Swan by Jantien Baas
IMG 3980
Holon by Martens&Visser
IMG 3330
Bites on the woth patio organised by Haagsche Hapjes

Festival Designkwartier

Festival Designkwartier is an annual festival. Mixing presentations, shops, activities, and exhibitions in the design field into an inspiring event. For three days, the Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague is the domain of leading designers and new talent with exciting projects. You will find special design for everyday use as well as inventive and witty objects to think about. During the festival, the designers are present to illustrate their work. This way, the visitor is challenged to view obvious matters in a different way. (read more


IMG 3987
Dressoir by Bart Joachim van Uden
In this room work by: Nacho Carbonell, Saar Scheerlings, Sander Wassink, Agnieszka Mazur and Harm en Elke
Forma curva 03 - Lucas Muñoz

WOTH PRESENTS SECTIE-C at Festival Designkwartier Den Haag

Sectie-C is a limitless domain merging independent thinkers and authentic doers within a unique, organic culture. Sectie-C is a bastion of new ideas, products and solutions situated in the outskirts of Eindhoven. Sectie-C is populated with talent and skill. Organic collaborations between more then 250 creative entrepreneurs artists, designers, musicians, communicators and craftsmen make Sectie-C an almost self-sustaining enclave.


IMG 4004
Rocking chair Tom Frencken, tables from Steven Banken
A serie skateboards by Lucas Muñoz
IMG 3986
Foamed - Onno Adriaanse, masks by Corradino Garofalo
Beach Chair - Sander Wassink

Sectie-C is a vibrant with studios, workshops, gardens, podiums, exhibitions and labs. A tight community of doers and thinkers where unexpected collisions trigger a spark that stimulates new creations.Freedom governs at Sectie-C, letting its residents create in an original and conscious way.

IMG 3329
Cabinet and block vases by Remy van Zandbergen
Left Atelier Mats - Anne, in the middle Study pieces - Nacho Carbonell, Chain Crash - Job van den Berg
Le Corbusier LC4 by Sander wassink

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