Mosaert Fabrique in Paris

From 07.04.18 till 13.05.18


The Mosaert Fabrique ia a shopping event hosted by Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris. Mosaert's tasty and fashionable capsule collection is for sale from the surrealist ‘Fantasy Factory’ A space which supposed to illustrate the vision and (responsible) production process of the Belgium Fashion brand Mosaert.

Capsule collection 5

For the first time, Mosaert presents unisex clothing accompanied by a homeware range: Household linen, crockery, armchairs, cushions and wallpaper. “Arabesques, butterflies and plants that are typical of both trends come together in the prints for a highly colourful and extremely graphic effect. Retro-kitsch motifs contrast with vivid and modern colours, not to mention the slight touch of gold that can be found in each of the items in the collection.” (read more and/or shop online at

Mosaert, Capsule Collction 5
Mosaert, Capsule Collection 5
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Mosaert was created in December 2009 by Paul Van Haver (widely known as Stromae) when he and his artistic director, Luc Junior Tam, made their dream of independent artistic creation a reality.

The young Mosaert label received a proposal for a licensing agreement from Universal Music France for the distribution of Stromae's first two albums, the first of which would be called " Cheese ".

The album "Cheese", helped by the "Stromae's Lessons" concept and the different clips produced by the Mosaert label, such as the unforgettable "Alors on danse", had an impact on pop culture in 2009 and 2010. Number 1 in 16 countries, the single has been sold in 2 million copies and was commended for its uniqueness but also for its artistic coherence by critics and the general public. (imagecredits: Mosaert)



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