Salon Craft Adam

10 – 20.11.2017
every day from 12 – 18.00 o clock on various locations in De Pijp Amsterdam

The Pijp in Amsterdam is an area for Young Urban Professionals, gentrification  is no stranger to these streets. Fortunately there are still some craftsman active in the area. The local city council wanted to put a focus on this and asked project Salon/Craft to pinpoint this to the public.

Interesting matches were made between craftsman, designers, fashion designers and artist. Focus is on the proces; research, sketching and dialogue.   


With: Schueller De Wael, Borre Akkersdijk, Sander Wassink, Suzanne Jongsmans, Freudenthal/Verhagen, Studio Hagel, Klaas Kuiken, Jelle Mastenbroek, Thomas Eurlings, Willem Weismann, Martine van het Hul en anderen. 


Locations: Scholten & Baijings, Stenelux, Amsterdam Glas in lood zetterij, Anneke van Megen, Atelier Tempel, Grimm Galerie, Micky Fields, Werkplaats Willemien, Baskéts, Galerie Juliette Jongma, Kerasus, De Kniphal, ABC schuim, Hans Pieterse, Résonance, Jasper Udink ten Cate Eventes, Buitengewoon. 

IMG 7807
IMG 7808
FreudenthalVerhagen at Glas in Lood